473ml 4-Pack Cans


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From time-honoured favourites, to brand new releases - now delivered to your home!  To order for Canada Post delivery within British Columbia please give us a call at 250-380-1912 Ext 2 and we can get your order prepped and ready to ship out.

4 x 473ml Tallcans:

            Prices include taxes + deposit. 

Blue Buck $13.70

Dinosour Blackberry Sour  $16.00

Oro Blanco Grapefruit Sour $16.00

Pandamonium Super IPA $16.00 

Rasberry Wheat Ale $13.70

Shortwave Pale Ale $13.70

Tiger Shark Citra Pale Ale $13.70

Please give us a call at (250) 380-1912 Ext 2 from 12pm - 7pm PST to arrange shipping and payment by card over the phone.  

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