iOTA Craft Made Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale 4x355ml


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iOTA Craft Made Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale 4x355ml

iOTA Pale Ale is light gold in colour, crafted for smooth and highly balanced malt and hop profiles. This delicious brew brings rounded honey and cereal notes, straightforward mouthfeel, and deliciously floral hops. This ale strikes a harmony between drinkability and flavour.


Unfortunately our iOTA non-alcoholic beer is susceptible to freezing in lower temperature regions, especially within Central and Eastern Canada. With this in mind, we will only be shipping out within BC for the time being. We’ll keep an eye out for weather changes and hope to make these tasty brews available Canada-wide early Spring. In the meantime, our friends at might be able to help you out!


Prices include deposits.

Due to weight limits we are only able to mail 24 355ml cans per order. 

Have a question? Give us a call at 250-380-1912 x 2.


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